Who were are

We are a consultancy firm that offers unique tailor made and comprehensive suite of professional consultancy including accounting, taxation, legal consultancy and human resource management services to businesses.

Our clientele ranges from start-ups to medium-sized established business that operate across the globe in various sectors such as real estate, telecom, information technology, pharmaceutical, automobile, manufacturing, hospitality, banking and finance, media and entertainment.

What we stand for

We believe that we offer unique services to our clients which make us stand out in the multitude of other accounting/tax firms. We are fiercely passionate about what we do. We focus in providing quality and specialized services to our clients.

We achieve this through our focus on our clients, retaining highly professional staff and living by our motto “Your able and trusted business partner.

Why choose us

  1. Client relationships

    The quality of our work depends on the quality of the relationships between the Blitz personnel and our client’s personnel.  While maintaining professionalism and high quality of work, Blitz believes in investing in developing strong professional relationships with clients.  This ultimately transforms into a strong knowledge of the client’s business, opportunities and challenges and improves our ability to help our clients with practical advice and recommendations.

  2. Professionalism and quality of work

    We are under the strong leadership of a Director who has a accounting, tax and business consulting experience of more than 14 years working with the big 4 accounting firms and also running a professional firm in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Blitz directors and employees are dedicated and committed to ensuring the highest level of professionalism and quality of work offered by Blitz to its clients.

    We are also dedicated and committed to employ the best graduates, with the best relevant academic qualifications and character; and train or empower them to be the best in consulting and therefore add value to the staff and to clients. Blitz brings to you in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the Kenya business and tax environment.

  3. Flexibility and personalized Services

    We believe every client is unique, with unique management and personnel, with a unique vision and business approach.  With all these in mind, Rook will treat each client uniquely.  We will always invest time to study our client’s business, visions and strategies and our tax and other business support services should ultimately be in congruent with our client’s vision and business strategy.

    We also do not believe in being rigid and/or bureaucratic.  If speed, flexibility and ingenuity are the qualities you are looking from your tax and business adviser then Blitz is the best among the accounting and tax consulting firms in Kenya.